Historic Preservation
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Historic Preservation Goals

Value our history

  • Identify, protect, and enhance our landmarks and historic districts
  • Promote our cultural and historic roots while balancing the rights of the landowner
[This remains a proposed plan until the Town Board approves it. ]

No Local Authority is Empowered to Provide Leadership for Historic Preservation

Johnson-Hurley House

Hurley has a rich history and our community is filled with historic structures, old cemeteries, and the remains of old settlements. If preserved and promoted wisely our history can add cultural and economic value to the town.

The current zoning code establishes no authority to deal with historic buildings or sites. An earlier attempt to establish an historic preservation commission failed.

The Main Street historic district imposes regulations on buildings that aren’t historic and prohibits reuse of historic buildings that could enhance their economic viability.

Many sites of historic significance in West Hurley are unrecognized and under-appreciated.

Both the Town and the Owners Could Benefit

We understand that owners of historic properties could benefit from a local historic designation, were it available.

We recommend establishing an historic preservation commission, develop criteria for addressing several issues that impact the Main Street historic district, and undertake a planning effort to recognize and, if appropriate, protect sites of historic significance.


Historic Preservation Recommendations

  • Develop a list of potentially significant historical sites
  • Establish an Historic Preservation Commission whose first act shall be to recommend criteria for the designation of landmarks and historic districts
  • Review and recommend updated historic district zoning regulations.
  • Explore Main Street as a town center and tourist destination