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Infrastructure Goals

An efficient,effective, low-cost town government that maintains and enhances our facilities and services

Apply for All Relevant Funding Opportunities
As stakeholders we obviously want our local government to operate in an efficient and effective manner with an emphasis on low cost. There are currently many state, federal, even private funding sources available to assist communities in resolving issues and enhancing services or facilities.

The Town should become more proactive in identifying its needs and pursuing funding opportunities. Once goals have been identified the Town should retain the services of grant writers to research and apply for grants to help accomplish those goals.

Most funders require towns provide matching funds. The Town should establish and contribute to an account for that purpose.

Over-Communicate with Residents
When communities are struggling with the issues brought on by growth, the town board and committees cannot over-communicate.

People pay attention and respond to different media. Some people will never use the internet. Some prefer RSS to email.

Some information is better broadcast by automated telephone messages, for example, flood and storm alerts.

The Town should leverage available technology to more easily communicate with residents. Whenever feasible, residents should have the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of a particular mode.

Support for Tourism and Local Businesses
While marketing events, destinations, and businesses remains the responsibility of the organizers, some publicity can only or best be arranged by the town. Where that's the case, the town should support local organizations in any way possible.

For example, the town can apply for grants to cover the costs of promoting local attractions through brochures, maps, calendars, and a web site (or section of the town web site). Get local destinations and events into state tourism materials.

Infrastructure Recommendations
  • Insure optimal utilization of technology
  • Take advantage of state, federal, and private funding available to implement goals