Town History
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      Main Street Goal

    Develop the Main Street historic district as a lively, attractive tourist destination and town center

    Main Street

    Main Street, Old Hurley - A Treasure We Can Share?

    Ten stone houses built between the late 1600ís through 1818 stretch along the picturesque quarter mile of Main Street. The old Hurley Burial Ground is one of the oldest in Ulster County. The earliest stone is dated 1780. The Dutch Reformed Church, built in 1853, sits at the curve in the road, more beautiful than a picture postcard. Another fifteen stone houses lie within a three minute drive.

    This was the temporary capital of New York State after the burning of Kingston in 1777.

    Stone House Day, the Corn and Craft Festival, the Heritage Society's walking tours, two antique shops, a shop with garden crafts, and the Ulster County Genealogical Society draw people to the neighborhood.

    The Challenges to Tourism

    The number of visitors to Main Street increases steadily. But, today visitors face limited parking and heavy traffic. The historic district zoning significantly limits the use of the historic buildings and imposes unnecessary restrictions on those homes that donít have historic value.

    We would like to see the district become a significant tourist destination.


    Main Street Recommendations

    1. Conduct a Main Street Traffic and Parking Study

    2. Develop an historic commission to advise on historic issues

    3. In light of the light commercial development that is currently underway, consider possible rezoning

    3. Review home business regulations