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Public Safety Goal

Ensure the safety and well being of our residents

The Town of Hurley is served by two volunteer emergency organizations with mutual aid available from adjoining towns via the Countywide 911 system. Both the Hurley Fire Department and the West Hurley Fire Department provide fire and ambulance services.

We thank all our volunteers for their many years of outstanding service.

Concerns noted in the surveys and public hearings included that

  • all structures in the Town have emergency identification numbers posted in plain view in front of the buildings
  • the level of volunteerism was dropping and that the volunteer service might not be viable in future years
  • any high density development could overwhelm the volunteers ability to respond

Currently, we expect these organizations to continue to serve us and to grow and improve their services. Adding professional services would be costly and the transition would be difficult.

The town must prepare, however, for the possibility that the demand may someday exceed the capacity of volunteer services. To that end, we recommend the town board request an annual update from the volunteer services.

Emergency/Safety Recommendations

  • Enhance the capability of emergency services to respond rapidly by requiring the installation of emergency identification numbers in front of all structures
  • Request an annual analysis of services, concerns. and long range plans from each of the emergency services. Publish the report on the Town web site
  • Widen roadway shoulders and include sidewalks in new developments - see Pedestrians and Bicycles