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Traffic and Transportation Goal

Mitigate traffic safety issues

Make Hurley a bicycle and pedestrian friendly town

In the 1969 Comprehensive Plan the Town wrestled with the expansion of Route 209 into a four-lane, limited-access highway; a requirement for sidewalks only where children would walk to school; and the possibility that the county would locate an airport here. Traffic on Route 375 was already an issue with no significant solution in site.

Hurley Road Miles
  1966 2006
State Routes 12.57  12.57
County Roads 22.19  22.23
Town Roads 44.72  52.25
Total 79.48  88.05

The plan to expand Route 209 has been abandoned, as has the airport.

We never required sidewalks or bicycle paths and have come to regret it. Community health and well-being flourishes when sidewalks and bike paths are available. Our narrow roads with narrow shoulders are unsafe for bikers and walkers of any age.

We’ve learned that traffic and roads must be seen as a system. When a round-about changes traffic flow in Kingston, it impacts Main Street in Hurley. We must deal with traffic and transportation issues in their complexity.

Our roads are managed through a patchwork of county, state and local efforts.

Throughout this planning process Hurley residents voiced many concerns and suggestions regarding traffic and safety. Many of them crossed jurisdictional lines.

As the committee deliberated these suggestions we concluded the town should form a standing committee in support of the town highway supervisor to work with state and county agencies to see that all of these concerns are addressed.

This forum could routinely bring all the traffic and transportation stakeholders to the table to share their knowledge, expertise, and unique perspectives. The committee could start by addressing:

Resolution of recognized trouble spots and traffic issues

Chronic trouble spots (not an all-inclusive list)

o Rte. 375, especially at Pine and Tanglewood intersections
o Maverick/28
o Main/Hurley Ave
o Main/ Wyncoop
o Lucas/Zandhoek/DeWitt-Mills

Route 28-West Hurley interface
Evaluate ways to support Route 28 Overlay District business development and to increase safety when accessing Route 28 from West Hurley

o Consider another collector road with traffic light to channel traffic from Wall, etc.

o Pursue putting traffic light at Rt. 28 and Wall Street under the control of the fire department

o Evaluate traffic safety options like straightening the Rt. 28 curve and adding the excessed land to the developable side of the road.

Route 209 - Lucas Avenue Link

Hurley Mountain Road - Route 209 Link: is one needed for emergency access?


Traffic and Transportation Recommendations

Establish a stakeholder committee to coordinate the planning, implementation, and maintenance of all roads, traffic, and transportation regardless who holds primary responsibility

Pursue construction of a county road south of the Rail Trail head to replace Zandhoek as the link between Route 209 and Lucas.