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You may find them interesting and helpful. We hope you will explore some of them.

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Hurley Citizen's Soapbox

NYS Sites of Interest

NYS Department of Education School Report Cards

NYS Quality Communities Clearinghouse

NYS Governor’s Office for Small Cities

New York State Office for the Aging


Guidance and Policy Documents that are Available on the DEC Website

Storm Water Information

NYS Hudson River Valley Greenway


Ulster County and the Catskills

Ulster County Planning Board and the Ulster County Transportation Council

Ulster County Development Corporation, New York

NYC Watershed Recreational Use and Permits

Other Sites of Interest
Hurley Library

West Hurley Public Library

USDA Rurual Development Water and Environmental Programs

Hurley Heritage Society

Natural Lands Trust. Land Conservation in the Greater Philadelphia Region.
A Pennsylvania based land trust organization that has promoted Open Space Residential Design or Conservation Subdivision design in and around Philadelphia. Click on "Planning" then on "Growing Greener.

LandChoices A national non-profit organization promoting land preservation choices. LandChoices is working to reach landowners and provide them with land preservation choices BEFORE they make that fateful decision to subdivide their land for conventional subdivision development.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA's site on smart growth including a focus on community based approaches to reducing sprawl.

University of Michigan study finds homebuyers want view of woods, not large lawns.



Ulster County Information Services – GIS mapping

Catskill Region GIS Atlas

Handbooks, Pamphlets, and Guides

NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, Agriculture and Farmland Protection

Overcoming Obstacles to Smart Growth through Code Reform – a Resource Guide, published by the Local Government Commission

NYS State Environmental Quality Review Act - a Citizens Primer

Underground Heating Oil Tanks A Homeowner's Guide

Smart Growth Toolkit developed by the State of Massachusetts
The toolkit is intended to be both an educational guide and a reference document. It can be used to introduce newcomers to smart growth. It can also be used by practitioners such as planners, developers and site designers as a reference source for case studies and model bylaws. Includes an excellent links page

Environmental Associates Small Community Planning Toolbox - Some useful techniques for small and rural communities

Summary Guide to the Watershed Memorandum of Agreement among New York State Governor George E. Pataki, and New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuiliani joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Coalition of Watershed Towns, and members of the environmental community Catskill Watershed Corporation

Bicycle & Pedestrian Primer Handbook for Local Communities, The Ulster County Transportation Plan

Does Burning Trash Make it Disappear? NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The Hazards of Backyard Burning, US Environmental Protection Agency,


ALA gives Mid-Hudson Valley counties poor grades on air pollution, Mid-Hudson News Network, April 28, 2006

How Many People Will Be Put At Risk by Higher Air Pollution Levels Across New York? Senator Schumer,

Hudson Valley– Part 1 Growing Pains (March 2005) and Part 2 Growth Solutions (April 2005)House Media Network

Hudson Valley Review , Fourth Quarter 2004 , Marist College, Dr. Ann Davis, Director, Bureau of Economic Research, School of Management
March 2005

Who Owns the Views? NY Times article March 11, 2005